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Give an image the appearance that it has been painted in watercolor and then outlined in black ink

Contributed by: Mark Greenberg


makes the image img appear to be painted with watercolors with inked outlines.


ResourceFunction["ImageInkOverWatercolor"][img] produces three layers and then composes them:
wash layerbackground is lightened and blurred horizontally to simulate a watercolor wash
foreground layerforeground is blurred slightly to simulate more detailed watercolor painting
ink layeredges are drawn in black to simulate an ink pen contour tracing
The effect is more predictable when the image has a focal object that contrasts in value from the background.
ResourceFunction["ImageInkOverWatercolor"][img] may produce interesting results when the background values are similar to the focal object.


Basic Examples (1) 

Make an image appear to be painted in watercolor with inked outlines:

(* Evaluate this cell to get the example input *) CloudGet[""]

Scope (1) 

Here the car's tire and grill become part of the background watercolor wash because they have coloring similar to the background:

(* Evaluate this cell to get the example input *) CloudGet[""]

Possible Issues (1) 

The larger the image, the more intricate the ink outlines will be, but larger images take longer to render:

(* Evaluate this cell to get the example input *) CloudGet[""]


Mark Greenberg

Version History

  • 1.0.0 – 29 June 2021

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