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Financial Data & Computation

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  • ActuarialCommutation

    Creates an Association containing values for the six standard commutation functions used in actuarial mathematics

  • BayesianLinearRegression

    Perform Bayesian linear regression with conjugate priors

  • MortalityConvert

    Convert vector descriptions of mortality into another representation

  • PivotTable

    A spreadsheet-like operation to collate data by values common to specified columns, summarizing corresponding values in a specified column

  • QuantileRegression

    Computes quantile regression fits over a time series, a list of numbers or a list of numeric pairs

  • RandomBlockchainBlockData

    Retrieve information about a random block on a blockchain

  • SecuritiesTracker

    Create a webpage to track prices of publicly traded securities

  • TimeSeriesCompress

    Remove redundant data from a time series

  • TimeShiftedDistribution

    A derived distribution useful in actuarial science