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Graphs & Networks

25 items

  • ButcherTreeQ

    Determine if a Butcher tree is in valid functional syntax

  • ButcherTrees

    Get a list of the trees for any Runge-Kutta method of a given order

  • ChordDiagram

    Make a weighted connectivity graph using circular embedding

  • ChromaticNumber

    Compute the vertex chromatic number of a graph

  • FactorGraph

    Get a graph representation for the factorization of an integer

  • FindProperColorings

    Find all proper k-colorings of a specified graph

  • GracefulGraphFromPermutation

    Show the graceful graph corresponding to a given permutation

  • HofstadterMURiddle

    Get steps of Hofstadter's MU riddle

  • HypergraphPlot

    Plot a hypergraph defined by a list of hyperedges and isolated vertices

  • KeywordsGraph

    A weighted graph connecting frequently used keywords of a text that are sequential neighbors and thus visualizing the flow and clustering of ideas in the text

  • KruskalAlgorithm

    Find the minimal spanning tree for a given set of points in Euclidean space

  • MongeanShuffle

    Perform a Mongean shuffle on a list

  • NFAPlot

    Plot a nondeterministic finite automaton

  • NFASimulation

    Simulate the behavior of a nondeterministic finite automaton

  • PhylogeneticTreePlot

    Plot a dendrogram for a set of genome nucleotide sequences

  • QueryTreeForm

    Present a query as a tree

  • ReasonableRuler

    Find a near minimal set of marks for an integer length ruler so that all smaller integer distances are measurable

  • SequenceGraph

    Create a graph from a data sequence

  • ShortestTourArt3D

    Display a 3D model using a continuous line

  • SimplexMeasure

    Get the measure of a simplex or simplicial complex

  • TransversalHypergraph

    Compute the transversal hypergraph of a hypergraph defined by a list of hyperedges and isolated vertices

  • ValidGraphColoring

    Check if the given graph coloring is valid

  • VertexCoordinateList

    Return the vertex coordinates of a graph

  • VizingEdgeColoring

    Give a simple undirected graph a proper edge coloring using at most one color more than necessary

  • WeightedDistanceGraph

    Given vertices, return a complete graph with edge weights equal to edge lengths