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Geographic Data & Computation

16 items

  • Cartogram

    Generate geometrically distorted maps, where the distortion conveys information derived from the input data

  • ColorBrewerData

    Get access to the ColorBrewer's colors

  • ElevateGeoPosition

    Set the elevation of one or multiple geodetic positions

  • FindFoodUK

    Find information on food businesses in the UK using the Food Standards Agency database

  • FromISOCountry

    Parse ISO 3166-1 country codes to a Country entity

  • FromRDCoordinates

    Convert Dutch RD coordinates to GeoPosition objects

  • GeneralizedDMSString

    Convert an angle into a customizable degree-minute-second string

  • GeoGlobe3D

    Display geographical data on an interactive globe

  • GeoGraphics3D

    A 3D rotatable sphere version of GeoGraphics

  • GOESEastAnimate

    Animates one day of GOES-East satellite imagery

  • HistoricalCountryAnimate

    Show an animation of the full history of a historical country’s territory, along with borders of any modern country it intersected during a given year

  • OpenWebMap

    Open a geographic position in an online mapping service

  • OSMImport

    Import OSM (OpenStreetMap) data from XML files or the OSM API

  • ParetoPrinciplePlot

    Make Pareto principle adherence plots

  • ToRDCoordinates

    Convert latitude-longitude coordinates to Dutch RD coordinates

  • UKPostcodeLookup

    Find information associated with a UK postcode