Wolfram Research

  • StringFunction

    Use functions meant for lists on strings

  • RandomString

    Generates a random string

  • StringPatternQ

    Test a valid string pattern

  • StringSort

    Sort the characters in a string

  • ToCamelCase

    Convert a string to lower camel case

  • StringToBoxes

    Convert a string into boxes as if it were typed into a notebook

  • KatakanaQ

    Test if a string is composed of katakana characters

  • HiraganaQ

    Test if a string is composed of hiragana characters

  • KanjiQ

    Test if a string is composed of kanji characters

  • StringWrap

    Line-wrap a string at a specific width

  • ColorToHex

    Convert a color to a hex string

  • ToRegularExpression

    Convert a string expression or a related object to a regular expression

  • FromCamelCase

    Split camel case phrases into separate words

  • ToFullString

    Create a string of the FullForm of an expression with fully qualified symbol names

  • HexStringToReal

    Convert a hexadecimal string to a real number

  • OrdinalNumberString

    Convert integers to string representing ranks - 1st, 2nd , 3rd etc.

  • MarkdownTableString

    Convert Wolfram Language data into Markdown-friendly table strings

  • RealToHexString

    Give a string representing the hexadecimal form of a real number

  • FromCharacterName

    Get a string character from its name

  • ImportPGN

    Import a PGN file or string as an association of structured chess data

  • LSystemPlot

    Display a L-system

  • CaesarCipher

    Performs Caesar’s substitution cipher on a string.

  • ChessPGNDisplay

    Dynamically display chess games from a Portable Game Notation (PGN) string or file

  • NameToSMILES

    Convert a chemical name into a SMILES identifier string

  • TextToKaleidoscope

    Create a square-symmetric image from a long string of text

  • FCGRImage

    Produce a Frequency Chaos Game Representation image from a string of nucleotides