Wolfram Research

  • ReplaceAllUnheld

    Apply replacement rules to evaluated parts of expression

  • CatchAll

    Get $Aborted for uncaught Throw or Abort in an evaluation

  • EvaluateBenchmark

    Measure the evaluation timings of a function on a given set of inputs

  • EvaluationTiming

    Get a full timing report for functions evaluated during an evaluation

  • AbortOnMessage

    Abort an evaluation as soon as a message is generated

  • TraceInteractive

    Traces an evaluation with an interface that allows interactive debugging

  • FailOnMessage

    Stop an evaluation when a message is encountered and return a given failure expression

  • RepeatUntil

    Evaluate repeatedly an expression until a test is satisfied

  • WithMessageHandler

    Apply a custom handler to messages generated during evaluation

  • BenchmarkPlot

    Plot the timings of a benchmark

  • LocalEvaluate

    Synchronously evaluate an expression in a separate kernel

  • CacheTo

    Return a stored expression if it exists; otherwise, evaluate and store an expression

  • Inline

    inserts the values of symbols into an expression before evaluation

  • MessagedQ

    Test if a message is issued during an evaluation

  • RunBeforeLoading

    Evaluate an expression when a package is first loaded

  • TraceLoading

    Monitor file-loading events during the evaluation of an expression

  • RunAfterLoading

    Evaluate an expression when a package finishes loading

  • SessionInformation

    Get an association containing various session-related information

  • CheckMatch

    Verify that an evaluation output matches a given pattern and produces no errors

  • OnceUnlessFailed

    Equivalent to using Once, but will only cache results if evaluation was successful

  • CreatePackageEventHandler

    Create an event handler that evaluates an expression when a package is loaded

  • ContextModule

    Temporarily set $Context and $ContextPath to a unique empty context for an evaluation

  • CatchFailure

    Catches any Failure object thrown by an enclosed ThrowFailure evaluation

  • ProportionsBy

    Get the proportion of times that each distinct element appears in a list when evaluated with a given function

  • RunOnQuit

    Set an evaluation to run when the Wolfram Language kernel session is terminated

  • RecursiveRewrite

    Rewrite an expression replacing repeatedly by strings

  • FromRecursiveRewrite

    Recover expressions using RecursiveRewrite generated rules

  • KernelStatusGrid

    Display all named kernels that are currently defined, their current status, the process ids of those that are running, and some additional useful controls