Wolfram Research

  • ContextDependencies

    Determine how symbols in a first context depend on symbols in a second context

  • ReplaceContext

    Transform an expression by replacing all symbols in one context with symbols of the same name in another context

  • ContextModule

    Temporarily set $Context and $ContextPath to a unique empty context for an evaluation

  • UniqueContext

    Provide a new context that contains no symbols

  • SetContextStyle

    Set the auto-style options for a given context

  • FullSymbolName

    Return a fully qualified name of a symbol regardless of current context settings

  • RunBeforeLoading

    Evaluate an expression when a package is first loaded

  • RunAfterLoading

    Evaluate an expression when a package finishes loading

  • CreatePackageEventHandler

    Create an event handler that evaluates an expression when a package is loaded

  • PrintDefinitionCases

    Find definitions for symbols in a context using a pattern, getting highlighted occurrences of it

  • ResourceFunctionSymbols

    Get a list of the symbols used in the definition of a resource function

  • ResourceFunctionMessage

    Print a labeled message from ResourceFunction with contexts hidden