Wolfram Research

  • BakersMap

    Apply baker’s map on an image

  • MapCases

    Map a function at parts of an expression that match a given pattern

  • MapIf

    Map a function for elements in a list when a test gives True

  • DivergentColorFunction

    Create a diverging color map with a neutral central color for scientific visualization

  • DynamicMap

    Interruptibility map a function over a list while showing a progress indicator

  • OSMImport

    Import OSM (OpenStreetMap) data from XML files or the OSM API

  • AssociationMapAt

    Similar to MapAt but with improved behavior for nested expressions involving associations

  • Cartogram

    The cartogram function generates geometrically distorted maps, where the distortion conveys information derived from the input data.

  • MapAtKey

    Apply functions to specific keys in an association

  • CatMap

    Apply cat map on an image

  • MapLevel

    Create an operator that maps a function over data at a specified level

  • ValueMapIndexed

    Create an association from a set of values, using a map-indexed function on those values to form the keys

  • ValueMap

    Similar to AssociationMap but maps over a given set of values to obtain keys rather than vice versa

  • RandomMaze

    Create a random maze

  • ToCamelCase

    Convert a string to lower camel case

  • TimeSeriesZero

    Shift a time series to start at 0 seconds

  • FontColorFromBackgroundColor

    Determine an appropriate font color from a given background color

  • StringFunction

    Use functions meant for lists on strings

  • RealEuclideanDistance

    Get the Euclidean distance between two real vectors without using absolute value

  • LatinSquare

    Generate a matrix from a list such that no row or column contains the same element twice

  • CosDegree

    Compute the cosine of an angle given in degrees

  • KeyCombine

    Map a function over the keys of an association and collect or combine values in the event of key collisions

  • Intrinsic3DCurve

    Plot intrinsic curves in 3D

  • CompileColorFunction

    Compile a color function for improved performance in colorizing images

  • ClausenCl

    Compute the Clausen functions