Wolfram Research

  • SpinShow

    Create a dynamically rotating Graphics3D object

  • AsynchronousDynamicModule

    A wrapper function for dynamic modules which causes a placeholder to be shown during initialization

  • DragRearrange

    A dynamic interface for ordering items in a list

  • ImageSplitCompare

    A dynamic interface for comparing two images

  • ChessPGNDisplay

    Dynamically display chess games from a Portable Game Notation (PGN) string or file

  • MonitoredTestReport

    Generate a TestReportObject with dynamic progress

  • CheckboxLegended

    Add a legend with checkboxes to a plot that toggles individual datasets on and off dynamically

  • ToggleButton

    A button that cycles through a list of titles and actions when clicked

  • ExpressionViewer

    A dynamic tool that helps visualize the structure of an expression

  • ListInputField

    Make multiple input fields that update elements of the same list

  • SystemsModelConnect

    Connect systems together using any inputs and outputs

  • CheckboxBarSelectAll

    A version of CheckboxBar which includes a “Select all” checkbox

  • DynamicMap

    Interruptibility map a function over a list while showing a progress indicator

  • CircleTheDrain

    Play Bob Sandheinrich’s “Circle the Drain” game

  • InheritedBlock

    Similar to Block, except values of local symbols are not cleared when entering the block