Wolfram Research

  • SpectralRandomnessTest

    Use a discrete cosine transform–based method to test the randomness of a sequence of random reals

  • SerialRandomnessTest

    Conduct an empirically derived test that assesses randomness using the frequencies of serial combinations of 0s and 1s

  • CUSUMMaxRandomnessTest

    Conduct a cumulative sum-based randomness test that creates a test statistic from the maximum value that a cumulative sums random walk achieves

  • RunCountRandomnessTest

    Conduct a runs up–based randomness test on a sequence of random reals between 0 and 1

  • RunLengthRandomnessTest

    Conduct a randomness test on a sequence of random reals between 0 and 1 using run lengths of increasing subsequences

  • ChiSquareRandomnessTest

    Test a sequence of zeroes and ones (or a set of random reals between 0 and 1) for equidistribution and return a p-value

  • ArcsineLawRandomnessTest

    Use the arcsine law to assess the randomness of a sequence of zeros and ones

  • BinaryRunRandomnessTest

    Conduct a runs–based test on a sequence of zeros and ones

  • RandomPartChoice

    Choose random parts of an expression

  • RandomDate

    Sample random date lists

  • RandomPartition

    Cut a list into random segments

  • RandomSplit

    Randomly divide a list into a specified number of segments

  • WriteUnitTest

    Write a formatted and readable unit test for any input

  • RandomWikipediaData

    Display the text of a randomly chosen Wikipedia page

  • RandomString

    Generate a random string

  • RandomText

    Generate a random piece of text

  • MonitoredTestReport

    Generate a TestReportObject with dynamic progress

  • RandomRealPoint

    Randomly choose a point within a specified domain

  • RandomSafePrime

    Compute one or more safe primes in a requested range

  • RandomPhoto

    Get random photographs of given sizes

  • TrainTestSplit

    Split data into training and testing sets

  • BitTest

    Determine whether a given bit in an integer is set to one

  • RandomHypergraph

    Generate a random hypergraph

  • RandomMandala

    Make random mandala plots

  • RandomMondrian

    Generate random Mondrian patterns

  • RandomRomanNumeral

    Gives a randomly generated Roman numeral

  • RandomFortune

    Get a random fortune

  • ChaosGame

    Plot iterations for the 2D chaos game

  • RandomDerangement

    Find a random derangement of the numbers 1 through n

  • WhenNot

    The opposite of When

  • When

    An operator form of Which

  • RandomWolframModel

    Generate a random canonical Wolfram model rule with a particular signature

  • TableQ

    Similar to ArrayQ, except it allows for ragged collections of nested lists

  • RandomSubstitutionSystemRule

    Generate a random string substitution rule

  • RandomBSplineSurface

    Generate a random surface with B-splines

  • TexturizePolygons

    Make 2D and 3D graphics with specified polygons and corresponding textures

  • FalseQ

    Determine if an expression is explicitly false

  • AllSameAs

    Check if all elements of a list are the same as a value

  • RandomBlockchainBlockData

    Retrieve information about a random block on a blockchain

  • SameAsQ

    An operator form of SameQ

  • OpenStreamQ

    Test if a stream is open

  • RandomEnglishHaiku

    Generate a haiku

  • GyrationTensor

    Compute the gyration tensor and derived metrics quantifying the shape of particle distributions

  • ElementQ

    Test if an element is contained in a list

  • WolframMark

    Run the standard Wolfram Language benchmark

  • SafePrimeQ

    Determine whether a number is a safe prime

  • StringObfuscate

    Generate an image of a string that is obfuscated so as to resist interpretation by automated systems

  • StrongPrimeQ

    Determine whether a number is a strong prime

  • SophieGermainPrimeQ

    Determine whether a number is a Sophie Germain prime

  • AggregationSystem

    Evolve a 2D array of cells by randomly adding new cells at positions with certain neighborhood configurations

  • MeanDifferenceCI

    Estimate the confidence interval of the difference between the population means

  • TwoSidedPValue

    Find the probability of the absolute value of the test statistic being at least as extreme as the given value

  • MoveMouse

    Move the mouse cursor to a specified location

  • ObjectIfExists

    Get an object only if it exists

  • GenerateQuestionsFromSentence

    Generate a set of questions from the given sentence

  • DateListPlotRanged

    Plot a time series that includes shading to indicate ranges in the plotted value

  • KatakanaQ

    Test if a string is composed of katakana characters

  • HiraganaQ

    Test if a string is composed of hiragana characters

  • KanjiQ

    Test if a string is composed of kanji characters

  • FileQ

    Test if a file exists

  • VarianceRatioCI

    Estimate the confidence interval of the ratio of the population variances

  • PossibleNameQ

    Test if an expression corresponds to a valid symbol name

  • EdgeBetweenQ

    Quickly test for existence of an edge between two vertices

  • ReflexiveGraphQ

    Test whether a graph is reflexive

  • ImagePortraitQ

    Test if the image is in portrait mode (or not)

  • PerfectGraphQ

    Test whether a graph is perfect

  • ImageSquareQ

    Test if a given image is square or not

  • AnagramQ

    Test whether strings are anagrams

  • FileFormatQ

    Test if a file is in the specified format

  • HessianMatrix

    Compute the Hessian matrix of a function with respect to a list of variables

  • HessianDeterminant

    Compute the Hessian determinant of a function with respect to a list of variables

  • FRatioCI

    Estimate the confidence interval based on an F-ratio distribution

  • GraphicsPrimitiveQ

    Test if a piece of a graphic is a graphics primitive

  • WastefulNumberQ

    Test whether an integer is a wasteful number

  • HappyNumberQ

    Test whether an integer is a happy number

  • AntidiagonalMatrixQ

    Tests whether a matrix is an antidiagonal matrix

  • StringWithinQ

    Test if a string pattern is within an expression

  • MessagedQ

    Test if a message is issued during an evaluation

  • NormalCI

    Estimate the confidence interval based on a normal distribution

  • StudentTCI

    Estimate the confidence interval based on Student t distribution

  • EchoTiming

    Print the timing for an evaluation and return the result

  • PrimeQCertificateCheck

    Test if a certificate can be used for ascertaining the primality or compositeness of a number

  • GeneralizedChaosGame

    Create fractals with random partial jumps toward reference points

  • EmptyQ

    Test whether a structure can be considered empty

  • DerangementQ

    Test whether the permutation list is completely scrambled

  • TriangleEdgesQ

    Test if three given lengths make a triangle

  • RepeatUntil

    Evaluate an expression repeatedly until a test is satisfied

  • StringOverlapsQ

    Test whether a string or strings have overlaps

  • StringDisjointQ

    Test if two strings have no common characters

  • PermutationInvolutionQ

    Test whether a permutation equals its inverse

  • StringPatternQ

    Test whether an expression is valid string pattern

  • HeadQ

    Check if expressions have certain heads

  • InflectionPoints

    Find the inflection points of a function of one variable

  • FlatSpacetimeSprinkling

    Produce random causal graphs by sprinkling points into flat (Minkowski) spacetime

  • GetLoremFlickrImage

    Get random LoremFlicker free Creative Commons (CC) images

  • SelectFirstBy

    Apply a function to a list and select the first that satisfies a test

  • StringIntersectingQ

    Test if two strings have any common characters

  • MultisetInclusionQ

    Test whether or not one multiset is included in another multiset

  • StringContainsAll

    Test if a string contains all elements from a list

  • PythonPackageInstalledQ

    Test if the Python package can be accessed in your session

  • SplitWhen

    Split a list every time an element satisfies a test

  • MapIf

    Map a function for elements in a list when a test gives True

  • TransitiveGraphQ

    Test whether the binary relation defined by edges of a graph is transitive

  • PartialOrderGraphQ

    Test whether a graph is a partial order, that is, reflexive, antisymmetric and transitive

  • CurvedSpacetimeRegionSprinkling

    Produce random causal graphs by sprinkling points into a specified region of a (potentially curved) spacetime

  • CurvedSpacetimeSprinkling

    Produce random causal graphs by sprinkling points into a spacetime with a specified algebraic curvature function

  • ChiSquareCI

    Estimate the confidence interval based on a Chi-squared distribution

  • PrefixQ

    Test if the first elements of a list are the same as those from another list

  • GetBoxPositions

    Get positions of all boxes in a notebook

  • Logit

    The logit function from probability

  • CrossValidateModel

    Check the quality of a data fitting model by splitting the data into test and validation sets multiple times

  • Until

    Provide a loop construct that is similar to While, but performing the action prior to rather than after the termination test

  • ProvablePrimeQ

    Certify a number as provably prime

  • Shuffle

    Rearrange elements of a list