Wolfram Research

  • SudokuSolve

    Solve Sudoku puzzles

  • CheckerboardImage

    Create an image of a checkerboard pattern

  • Minesweeper

    Play the classic game of Minesweeper

  • ArcLine

    A curved line between two points

  • RoundedPercentageShare

    Calculate rounded percentages that always sum to 100%

  • DynamicFaceGridsBehind

    Show FaceGrids on the rear of a 3D graphic

  • ShowAlphaChannel

    Show the alpha channel of an image as a checkerboard pattern

  • Correlogram

    Visualize the autocorrelation of data

  • Until

    Similar to While, but it performs the action before the test

  • LogoQRCode

    Generate a QR code with an image embedded in the center

  • FromCamelCase

    Split camel case phrases into separate words

  • ImageLineLevel

    Rotate an image so that dominant lines are horizontal

  • ImageSaliencyCrop

    Crop an image while preserving the most salient contents

  • NotebookWordCount

    Count the number of words in a notebook document

  • SignedVectorAngle

    A version of VectorAngle for 2D vectors which can return negative angles

  • DragRearrange

    A dynamic interface for ordering items in a list

  • SpinShow

    Create a dynamically rotating Graphics3D object

  • SimplifyRepeatedSubexpressions

    Replace repeated subexpressions in an expression with new symbols

  • OrdinalNumberString

    Convert integers to strings representing ranks: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

  • ProgressIndicatorEstimator

    Display progress of a computation together with estimated completion time

  • ImageSplitCompare

    A dynamic interface for comparing two images

  • MultipleAxesPlot

    A version of Plot which displays different y-axes for two plotted expressions

  • SteganographyInsert

    Hide content in an image

  • ImportOnce

    A version of Import which uses a cache of the result unless the source file has changed

  • ListInputField

    Make multiple input fields that update elements of the same list

  • DragZoomPlot

    A version of Plot which allows you to zoom into the plot using the mouse

  • MultipleAxesListPlot

    A version of ListPlot which displays two list of data with different y axes

  • NonConvexHullMesh

    Generate a mesh geometry from points without including exterior concave perimeter areas or holes

  • ParkrunAthleteHistory

    Generate a dataset of an athlete's running history from the https://www.parkrun.org.uk website

  • TableToTrainingSet

    Prepare rectangular data for use in machine learning functions Classify, Predict and NetTrain

  • PlayingCardGraphic

    Create graphic displaying standard playing cards

  • BiPlot

    Visualize the principal components of tabular data

  • TrimmedLinearFit

    Linear model fitting discarding outliers

  • FindFoodUK

    Find information on food businesses in the UK using the Food Standards Agency database

  • SteganographyExtract

    Extract a message that has been hidden in an image using ResourceFunction["SteganographyInsert"]

  • UKPostcodeLookup

    Find information associated with a UK postcode

  • LatinSquare

    Generate a matrix from a list such that no row or column contains the same element twice

  • Loess

    Smooth noisy data using local regression