Wolfram Research

  • PolyominoesGame

    Play a Polyominoes (Tetris-like) game

  • LightsOutGame

    Start a Lights Out game

  • ChaosGame

    Plot iterations for the 2D chaos game

  • Game24Solutions

    Find the list of solutions to the 24 Game by trying all possible options

  • Minesweeper

    Play the classic game of Minesweeper

  • ChessPGNDisplay

    Dynamically display chess games from a Portable Game Notation (PGN) string or file

  • GeneralizedChaosGame

    Create fractals with random partial jumps toward reference points

  • Play2048

    Play a game of 2048

  • FCGRImage

    Produce a Frequency Chaos Game Representation image from a string of nucleotides

  • ImportPGN

    Import a PGN file or string as an association of structured chess data

  • CircleTheDrain

    Play Bob Sandheinrich’s “Circle the Drain” game

  • DisplayKillerSudokuPuzzle

    Display a killer sudoku puzzle

  • LightsOutSolution

    Get the solutions of the Lights Out game

  • FindTheMonk

    Create a game in which you must find a monk among many people

  • TextToKaleidoscope

    Create a square-symmetric image from a long string of text

  • DisplaySudokuPuzzle

    Display a square matrix in a sudoku-puzzle format

  • FromAlBhedString

    Translate a string from Al Bhed, the cipher language from the game Final Fantasy X, to Latin or hiragana

  • ToAlBhedString

    Translate a string from Latin or Hiragana to Al Bhed, the cipher language from the game “Final Fantasy X”