Wolfram Research

  • SymbolDependencies

    Get a list of symbols that an expression depends on

  • CopyDefinitions

    Copy the definitions of one symbol to another

  • BinarySerializeWithDefinitions

    Serialize an expression along with any dependent definitions

  • UniqueContext

    Provide a new context that contains no symbols

  • ToFullString

    Create a string of the FullForm of an expression with fully qualified symbol names

  • BlockProtected

    Modify definitions of protected symbols and ensure that their attributes are restored

  • FullSymbolName

    Return a fully qualified name of a symbol regardless of current context settings

  • ReplaceContext

    Transform an expression by replacing all symbols in one context with symbols of the same name in another context

  • PossibleNameQ

    Test if an expression corresponds to a valid symbol name

  • ContextModule

    Temporarily set $Context and $ContextPath to a unique empty context for an evaluation

  • GetUnboundSymbols

    Get all the non-local symbols that appear in an expression

  • DefinitionData

    Store full definitions for a symbol in a compact object

  • ResourceFunctionSymbols

    Get a list of the symbols used in the definition of a resource function

  • CloudResourceFunction

    Access functions deployed to your own or another user’s Wolfram Cloud account that are not in the official function repository