Wolfram Research

  • MappedTransformedDistribution

    Transform a statistical distribution by applying the same function to all of its arguments

  • PowerTotal

    Compute the total of a list of numbers all taken to some power

  • PowerMean

    Compute the mean of a list of numbers all taken to some power

  • QueryTreeForm

    Present a query as a tree

  • JoinRest

    An operator that performs a Join of its argument with the sequence of lists it is provided

  • MixtureCategoricalDistribution

    Create a mixture distribution of categorical distributions and output it as a new CategoricalDistribution

  • TimeShiftedDistribution

    A derived distribution useful in actuarial science

  • ConditionalCategoricalDistribution

    Obtain a conditional categorical distribution formed by restricting the domain of a categorical distribution

  • QuantileOperator

    An operator form of the Quantile function

  • MeanMedianLogNormalDistribution

    Create a lognormal distribution using mean and median as parameters instead of the conventional parameters

  • MapLevel

    Create an operator that maps a function over data at a specified level

  • Terse

    An operator form of Short

  • CorrespondingIntegers

    Create a list of positive integers containing as many elements as the expression to which it is applied

  • ItemCounts

    A two-argument form of Counts that gives an association between a set of provided keys and the number of times those keys appear in a list

  • ConstantAssociation

    Create an association whose values are all a constant

  • ActuarialCommutation

    Creates an Association containing values for the six standard commutation functions used in actuarial mathematics

  • EntityClassDimensions

    Produce a list with the number of entities in an entity class and the number of properties possessed by each entity therein

  • ValueMapIndexed

    Create an association from a set of values, using a map-indexed function on those values to form the keys

  • HedgesG

    Computes the Hedges' g statistic measuring an "effects size" difference between two lists of data

  • MapReduceOperator

    Like an operator form of GroupBy, but where one also specifies a reducer function to be applied

  • PairMap

    Map a function to pairs formed from a list and another function

  • ReverseAccumulate

    Replace each element of a list with the sum of the elements in the original list that are not to the left of that element

  • ShowQuotes

    Style the output so that quotation marks (as string characters) appear

  • ApplyLevel

    Create an operator that applies a function over data at a specified level

  • PooledStandardDeviation

    Compute the pooled standard deviation of multiple lists of data

  • MeanSpreadBetaDistribution

    Create a beta distribution using the mean and a measure of its spread as parameters instead of using the conventional parameters

  • JoinMost

    An operator that joins in front of its arguments the sequence of lists it is provided

  • PooledVariance

    Compute the pooled variance of multiple lists of data

  • MortalityConvert

    Convert vector descriptions of mortality into another representation

  • ResetDataset

    Force a reanalysis of the types contained in a Dataset, sometimes leading to a different presentation of the data

  • ValueMap

    Similar to AssociationMap but maps over a given set of values to obtain keys rather than vice versa

  • MapSlice

    Provide the part specifications to a mapped function as a sequence of arguments after the first one

  • KeyMapIf

    Map a function conditionally over keys in an association