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Make a button that evaluates a set of cells when clicked

Contributed by: Jesse Friedman


creates a button that is labeled with label, and evaluates the cell objects obji when clicked.


prompts the user to select one or more cells.

Details and Options

When supplying a list of cells, the obji must be CellObject expressions.
ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"][] is equivalent to ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"]["Evaluate"].
ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"][{obj1,obj2,}] is equivalent to ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"]["Evaluate", {obj1,obj2,}].
ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"][obj] is equivalent to ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"][{obj}].
ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"] has the same options as Button, with the following additions and changes:
AutoScrollFalsewhether to scroll the first targeted cell into view when the button is clicked
"ConfirmationPrompt"Nonethe text of a yes/no confirmation prompt displayed upon clicking the button, prior to evaluating the targeted cells
Method"Queued"the evaluation method to use
Setting the option AutoScrollTrue will cause closed cell groups to open upon clicking the button as needed to display the targeted cells.
The option "ConfirmationPrompt" may have as its value either a string or Automatic, which is equivalent to "ConfirmationPrompt""Are you sure you want to perform this action?"
With Method"Preemptive", confirmation prompts will fail to display, as dialog boxes are not supported within preemptive evaluations.
ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"] cannot target cells in a notebook other than that in which it is evaluated.
ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"] adds a cell tag of the form "CellEvaluationButton-<UUID>" to each of the targeted cells.
The Button returned by ResourceFunction["CellEvaluationButton"] may be freely copied to different locations within its origin notebook while maintaining functionality.
As cell tags are copied with cells, copying and pasting a cell targeted by a button will cause the button to target both the original cell and the copy.
Cell tags can be manually added to and removed from cells with the Cell Cell Tags Add/Remove Cell Tags menu item.


Basic Examples (2) 

Create a button that evaluates a selected cell or set of cells:


Create a button that evaluates a set of cells specified with a list of CellObject expressions:

 "CellEvaluationButton"][{CellObject[1], CellObject[2], CellObject[3],

Scope (2) 

Create a button that displays a confirmation prompt when clicked:

 "ConfirmationPrompt" -> Automatic]

Customize the appearance of the returned Button with the resource function RainbowText:

 Nest[Framed, ResourceFunction["RainbowText"]["My Rainbow Button"], 2], Appearance -> None]


Jesse Friedman

Version History

  • 1.0.0 – 07 October 2019

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