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Single-Slit Diffraction Using Wavelength and Intensity Ratio

Single­slit diffraction is when light passes through a narrow slit and creates an interference pattern on the other side.

The normalized transmitted intensity equals the square of the sinc of the product of \[Pi], the slit width divided by the wavelength and the sine of the diffraction angle.


QuantityVariable[Subscript[Style["I", Italic], "θ"]/Subscript[Style["I", Italic], "0"], "Unitless"] == Sinc[(Pi*QuantityVariable["d", "Distance"]*Sin[QuantityVariable["θ", "Angle"]])/QuantityVariable["λ", "Wavelength"]]^2

symbol description physical quantity
Iθ/I0 normalized transmitted intensity "Unitless"
d slit width "Distance"
λ wavelength "Wavelength"
θ diffraction angle "Angle"



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