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Football Passer Rating

The Passer rating is a measure of the performance of passers, primarily quarterbacks, in American football and Canadian football.

The Passer rating equals one hundred thirds times the sum of the completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdowns per attempt and interceptions per attempt components. The completion percentage component is five times the ratio of completions to attempts minus 1.5. The yards per attempt component is a quarter of the ratio of yards made to attempts minus 0.75. The touchdowns per attempt component is twenty times the touchdowns made to attempts. The interceptions per attempt component is 2.375 minus 25 times the interceptions made to attempts. If any component is greater than 2.375, it is set to 2.375. If it is a negative number, it is set to zero.


{QuantityVariable["CMP%C", "Unitless"] == Max[0, Min[2.375, 5*(-0.3 + QuantityVariable["COMP", "Unitless"]/QuantityVariable["ATT", "Unitless"])]], QuantityVariable["YPAC", "Unitless"] == Max[0, Min[2.375, 0.25*(-3 + QuantityVariable["YARDS", "Unitless"]/QuantityVariable["ATT", "Unitless"])]], QuantityVariable["TDC", "Unitless"] == Max[0, Min[2.375, (20*QuantityVariable["TD", "Unitless"])/QuantityVariable["ATT", "Unitless"]]], QuantityVariable["INTC", "Unitless"] == Max[0, Min[2.375, 2.375 - (25*QuantityVariable["INT", "Unitless"])/QuantityVariable["ATT", "Unitless"]]], QuantityVariable["PR", "Unitless"] == (50*(QuantityVariable["CMP%C", "Unitless"] + QuantityVariable["INTC", "Unitless"] + QuantityVariable["TDC", "Unitless"] + QuantityVariable["YPAC", "Unitless"]))/3}

symbol description physical quantity
CMP%C completion percentage component "Unitless"
ATT attempts "Unitless"
COMP completions "Unitless"
YPAC yards per attempt component "Unitless"
YARDS yards "Unitless"
TDC touchdowns per attempt component "Unitless"
TD touchdowns "Unitless"
INTC interceptions per attempt component "Unitless"
INT interceptions "Unitless"
PR passer rating "Unitless"



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ResourceObject["Football Passer Rating"]

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FormulaData[ResourceObject["Football Passer Rating"]]

Use some values:

  "Football Passer Rating"], {QuantityVariable["YPAC","Unitless"] -> 
   70, QuantityVariable["YPAC","Unitless"] -> 15, 
  QuantityVariable["COMP","Unitless"] -> 15, 
  QuantityVariable["INTC","Unitless"] -> 30, 
  QuantityVariable["INTC","Unitless"] -> 5, 
  QuantityVariable["ATT","Unitless"] -> 30}]

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