ConnorGray/ CellInsertionMenu

Convenient new cell insertion menu by typing '/'

Contributed by: Connor Gray

This paclet adds a convenient new interface for inserting cells. If the '/' character is typed when the cursor is in-between cells, a new cell insertion menu will pop up, allowing the user to quickly visualize and pick the type of cell to insert.

Installation Instructions

To install this paclet in your Wolfram Language environment, evaluate this code:


This paclet is an implementation prototype.
The '/' character behavior will only work when the 'ConnorGray/CellInsertionMenu.nb' stylesheet is active in the current notebook.


Basic Examples (3) 

Create a new notebook that uses the ConnorGray/CellInsertionMenu.nb stylesheet:

CreateNotebook[StyleDefinitions -> "ConnorGray/CellInsertionMenu.nb"]

With the cursor placed outside of any cells, type '/' to open the new cell insertion menu:

Filter and search for the cell style to insert by typing:


Connor Gray


Wolfram Language Version 13.2

Version History

  • 0.0.1 – 16 May 2023

License Information

MIT License

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